augmented reality

augmented reality Video zeigt Stand der Entwicklung (2010) und Aussichten

Dieses Video stammt aus 2010. Erstaunlich was sich bereits durchgesetzt hat und was noch immer ein Traum ist!

all the new for the wall more articulated natural too well is a complete. Renaissance in the way we approach 2000 convergence has seen us through to the mobile devices and what we now want to embrace is what’s known as computer vision the ability to see the world for what it is as a scene and to see the elements within the floor the walls the objects and and once you know that your you you can relay information very cleverly the moment the interview last two do amazing things is going to remove the barriers that currently exist in terms of a traditional AR is very flat knw is going to bring a three-dimensional element a virtual universe alerts that we can take advantage of anywhere we r anytime we want for instance the weather holding the device up to the sky and seen the iterations of whether perhaps cloudy morning and then throughout the afternoon behind that you might see something like cloud or some wind or some other relevant information in an urban setting knw will allow you to reveal things you wouldn’t normally no from the outside environment say you’re walking down the high street and you see a museum we can identify objects museum what the main differences where AR is very flat a and actually observed the scene and identifies the elements with him it then attach the information ryan told an accord there are massive opportunities for the hotel industry you can not only browse for room availability will also take a look inside the for making a booking take let’s say commercial real estate for instance we need in office we walkin F-sixteen employees put that into an articulated natural to you environment and you can virtually see how the test would be set up perhaps configurable price change the color change the type who economic posture change the seats whatever you want and you can see the costs related to any changes you what NW will do is break that barrier we have with the conventional desktop conventional laptop we want the convenience of having this information wherever we are whenever we want current technology only provides us 20 maybe thirty percent of the actual digital experience but a NW we get a hundred personally experience by embracing this new virtual world what we do is we open a door to a virtual universe where our mind is the only boundary.

Virtual Reality im Direktvergleich!