3D Simo erweitert seinen 3D-Drucker mit den vier wichtigsten Werkzeugen zu einem Superwerkzeug

Mit einer Kampagne auf Kickstarter sammelt das Unternehmen 3DSimo aus der Czechischen Republik zurzeit Geld für ein wirklich innovatives und zukunftsweisendes Allrounder-Werkzeug, was jeden Bastler eine Gänsehaut beschert.

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More Than a 3D Printing Pen – 3DSimo Mini Is The Ultimate Creator’s Tool

Reaching 490, The Mini Is The Hottest Pen On The Market and Starts at $89

 modellflugzeug San Francisco, Calif. June 23, 2015 – Today, 3DSimo launched the Mini on Kickstarter: http://bit.ly/3DSimoMini, an evolution to the original 3DSimo pen, providing creators with a range of extensions and heat settings that turns an ordinary 3D printing pen into an exceptionally creative multi-purpose tool.

Significantly smaller in design than its original counterpart, the Mini heats up to 490 and works with several types of materials making it the perfect tool for 3D printing creations, burning, soldering, foam cutting, jewelry making and much more; in a compact design.

“We created the 3DSimo Mini to be the ultimate creator’s tool,” says David Paskevic, CEO of 3DSimo. “It is more than a 3D printing pen. Immediate uses include extensions for burning, foam cutting and soldering. In the future, we will incorporate additional functionality to the pen such as like drilling, making it a practical tool for creators of any skill set. The Mini is a tool that can be used for all creative projects.”

kvetinaSmarter than the original, the Mini communicates via Bluetooth with a free downloadable smartphone APP (iOS and Android) which is used to control the functions, materials and temperature on the device.

The basic 3DSimo Mini will come with a micro-USB cable to wall charger, 3D printing nozzle and material. Stretch goals for the project include adding multi-functional nozzles including: burning, foam, cutting and soldering.

The 3DSimo Mini is available now on Kickstarter, starting at an early bird price of $89 for the basic model. You can view the Kickstarter campaign here: http://bit.ly/3DSimoMini

Media can request additional information by emailing 3Dsimo@thesilvertelegram.com

Website: www.3Dsimo.com

Social: @3DSimo on Facebook and  @Get3DSimo Twitter

About 3DSimo

3dsi3DSimo is an innovative company focusing on multi-purpose tools for creative 3D printing projects. developers of the 3DSimo Pen and the 3DSimo Mini (coming soon!). 3DSimo leverages design that incorporates form without compromising function or quality. 3DSimo is a private company headquartered in the Czech Republic, with International presence in San Francisco.

Quelle: http://thesilvertelegram.com/

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